Saturday July 22nd

Top stories from the VSTS community - 2017.07.21

Friday July 21st

PR Review: Is your error handling required?

How To customize "Structure Guide Lines" Colors in Visual Studio 2017 ?

Azure For Developers - Part 2: Your First App Service

MEAN and Cosmos DB - Part 4: Creating and Deploying Cosmos DB

Wikis are coming to Visual Studio Team Services

DaedTech Now Brought to You Over SSL

Here's To Finishing Off A Great Week! Have A Look At The Friday Five.

Maker Code with MakeCode!

Introduction to SignalR Core with Mikael Mengistu

What we've learned from .NET Core SDK Telemetry

Turning On/Off “Structure Guide Lines” in Visual Studio 2017

Setting up Raspian and .NET Core 2.0 on a Raspberry Pi

Microsoft Azure Stack Development Kit

A pure command-line wizard

Async ASP.NET Core APIs: Source Code

Expression - Bodied Members in C# 7.0

The Best of Both Worlds: Using Excel and Power BI Together

SQLCLR in Practice: Creating a Better Way of Sending Email from SQL Server - Simple Talk

Environment Variables and Configuration in ASP.NET Core Apps

DNR #1459 Windows Containers with Steve Lasker

Representing a simple hierarchical list in SQL Server with JSON, YAML, XML and HTML. - Simple Talk

What is 'let' statement in JavaScript?

Create and Print PDF in ASP.NET MVC | DotNetCurry

On The (Perceived) Value of EV Certs, Commercial CAs, Phishing and Let's Encrypt

Linking Team Services (VSTS) accounts with your Azure account for Continuous Integration

Windows Template Studio 1.2 released!

Creating a GitHub Issues Autoresponder using

What is Azure Cosmos DB? Features, Benefits & More

Scripting Video Editing with F# and FFmpeg