Avoiding the Perfect Design

added by Paul Wheeler
1/28/2015 2:24:40 PM

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One of the peculiar ironies that I’ve discovered by watching the way a lot of different software shops work is that the most intense moments of exuberance about software seem to occur in places where software development happens at glacial speeds.


Ofer Zelig
1/29/2015 1:12:57 AM
That's an awesome post that should be read by uni graduates and even more experienced developers. For mature businesses, time to market matters much more. For startups, first prove your concept - prove you have a product that people want. If it's so good, you'll probably rewrite it sooner than later.

Paul Wheeler
1/29/2015 1:54:52 AM
I love that the idea of "Perfect is the enemy of good" can be tracked as far back as Aristotle and Confucius. Also reminds me of this graphic: https://twitter.com/awilkinson/status/530897567828025344/photo/1

Robert Greyling
1/29/2015 11:44:24 AM
Wow, very insightful post. Love the reference to Indiana Jones! It's only funny because it's true - seen this happen way too many times!