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To imply that programmers using Windows "don't care enough about their tools to get the best"? I have a pretty thick skin based on the psychic scars of the thousands of petty internet religious wars I've participated in, and this one even ruffles my feathers a little. I


Oh my!
I don't use any of those derogatory terms but Jeff is right.

I dare Linux proponents to show me a development platform that works half as well as Visual Studio. I've used Eclipse, and god willing, I'll never have to use it again.

aside from the tasteless name calling...agree completely

Great post, highly recommended read.

Eclipse is actually not that bad, I think it's easier to navigate code a bit easier in Eclipse than Visual Studio since you can alt-click a function name and go straight to the definition.

That's not too much different from right clicking -> go to definition in VS though. I'm sure you can setup your VS options to add that behavior, too.

F12 goes to definition in VS.

@Jemm - thanks that is handy :D

O don't get me wrong, I think Visual Studio is better than Eclipse. Have you guys ever tried coding something other than java in Eclipse? It's such a nightmare.

Yea, I'm actually starting to prefer the newer netbeans for non-MS stuff. It seems a lot cleaner to me.

I'm enjoying TextMate lately.


Yeah, it's for the mac.

Why do I hear Sean Connery's voice in my head each time I read this article title?

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