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What's Wrong With Turkey?

Software internationalization is difficult under the best of circumstances, but it always amazed me how often one particular country came up in discussions of internationalization problems: Turkey. Jeff's comment should had been in the article but it wasn't It's convenient because: 1) Turkey is similar enough to other Latin alphabets that it's not a giant engineering nightmare to get it to work (see: Arabic or Hebrew). 2) The Turkish-I problem ( ) causes failures in naive string comparisons, whereas other Latin alphabets don't. 3) The Turkey Test gets you 90% of the way to the goal of internationalizing most apps.* We know French and Spanish are going to work. Why not test with the most difficult (but realistically difficult) locale first? * The other 10% is excruciatingly difficult -- again, think of Arabic (bi-directional, shaped letters) or Hebrew (right-to-left).


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