Friday May 6th

Thursday May 5th

ActiveRecorditize your NHibernate Classes

Part 3 of RhinoCommons, NHibernate and ASP.NET MVC Setting up the very simple model for use in our ASP.NET MVC application.


Looks pretty good

I was thinking about moving from subsonic to hibernate 2.0, but i the generated classes is too big a feature for me to leave behind :( .. I could hack the subsonic templates to generate hibernate classes, but that would feel like blasphemy ;o)

It really depends on the type of application -- if you are going for more of a data driven approach then SubSonic is perfect (and yea, I agree that the code generation is pretty nice :)) If you're going for domain driven then NHibernate -- both are great tools. There are a lot of other options too but those 2 are my favorite for the given scenarios.

I already made a code generator for NHibernate that works alot like SubSonic, I'll have to get a blog up and running and post it one of these days.

When you do, remember to post it on dotnetkicks! :-)

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