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BREAKING NEWS! Castle Project Lead Hamilton Verissimo Joins Microsoft

In a strategic move on Microsoft’s part that has the open source community buzzing, the well-known and respected founder of the Castle Project Hamilton Verissimo has accepted a position with Microsoft’s MEF group.


(Managed Extensibility Framework)

Can we ditch the sensational stuff in titles? "BREAKING NEWS"? Really?

I agree with viggity, and besides that the news was already posted!:)

Agreed. Breaking in this/our context just does not fit very well ;)

Breaking news? You mean more like breaking waves...the principal wave already arrived two frontpage posts down. ts...

Thanks for the feedback... On reflection I tend to agree. The issue is people do respond to these rather cliche techniques. They just do. So when the message feels important we want as many to read it as possible, yet your right, we don't want to sound silly.

I would also say that it is irrelevant if others cover the 'big take away' of an item if your adding even slight value add in terms of additional layers of info.

We got he most reads I am pretty sure on this because we are deeply involved in the subject and therefore it would be hard to not do it justice, but we also spoke to how it appears the IoC piece is not what this is about for now.

Said another way if we didn;t think we had some key value-adds on a story we would not run it.

I'd be happy to be more specific if you like as I take your comments seriously and damn, thanks for writing them. Most don't bother so when someone does I know 20-50 others must have though it.


I bet everyone thinks their message is important.

Aww.. :( Did someone not get a good breakfast? :D

Did Mr. Verissimo join Microsoft, or did Microsoft join Mr. Versissimo? More at 11. :)

ha ha ha! If iobe had been funny it would be so much more fun. point goes to samdnp

next story we are running:



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