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Google Chrome is here

not much to say except download it.


There's a little more to say. Like it's based on Webkit so start testing for it (iPhone, Android, Safari and now Chrome are all causing webkit to grow). And V8 is their JavaScript VM and it's wicked fast.

Love the multi process design. V8 is super fast, but firefox still has my heart...:D

I'll be curious to see how Google's Browser attacks Firefox's ability for extensions and themes. I agree Chrome is decent but it I see it as a competitor more to Opera currently than any other browser right now. We shall see how things go though since V8 is nice.

first post from Chrome!

You can test V8 with this url

Tried it, but it didn't impress me enough to make me switch from IE8.

I like some of the built-in features, and how the tabs are arranged. Too bad they had to break the windows-gui to do it, but i think its worth it. Lets see how the other players react to the new player :D

FYI, Google Chrome vulnerable to carpet-bombing flaw

(Better to avoid risky pages)

Didnt like it. Came off as half baked like the rest of their "software". Starting a new process for a new tab? Maybe thats just dumbed down explanation, i have a hard time believing the IE8 team could teach them something, no actually I can easily believe the IE8 team can teach them something.

Im sure once Gmail comes out of Beta it will be a contender. ZING!

M.Gorney you seem quite biased. You may be surprised to know that the IE8 team is doing something very similar with tabs to isolate crashing pages in those tabs from crashing the other tabs and the browser. I look forward to more stability. But the best feature of Chrome that I plan to use it to create Application shortcut links to launch apps like Google Mail in an independent "application" to run by itself. With that feature combined with local storage with Gears you basically have a Smart Client. That is going to catch on as a killer feature combination.

I think it's pretty nice.. V8's fine and all, from what i've seen it benchmarks about the same as FF with TraceMonkey on.. but seeing as how neither of the two are finished, it's hard to say which will be 'faster'.

So far it seems to start faster and run faster than any other browsers i use, and I do quite like the UI of it.
So eh, I'm staying hopeful.

FF used to be fast too, until I installed all those addons I really needed, and then all those new patches we're needed, and so on and so on.

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