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Silverlight Progress Bar

One such puzzling absence from the Silverlight tool chest is a progress bar control. WPF has a progress bar, WinForms has a progress bar, but not Silverlight. Fortunately implementing one is not that hard and provided a great introduction to Silverlight's layout model.


Well apparently this link is now dead.

Silverlight has a progress bar control built in.
Paste this XAML into the Page.xaml of any Silverlight 2 application:

<ProgressBar x:Name="pg2" Margin="10" Height="15" IsIndeterminate="True" />

I trust that you'll correct your post, it looks bad. We look at people's posts when we're recruiting, I expect other people do too.

For more info, have a look at the ProgressBar class in the System.Windows.Controls Namespace of the .NET class library for Silverlight:


Sorry about the wording in the previous comment. I just copy/pasted an email I recieved from someone on this issue. They didn't feel like contributing to DNK, so I posted it here myself instead.

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