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ASP.NET - YSlow and ASP.NET: 100 points "A" grade is possible

Just in case if somebody doesn’t know what YSlow is? YSlow is Firefox add-on integrated with Firebug. It analyzes web pages and tells you why they are slow. You can run it on you project and see your grade. You can do some easy improvements and maybe even get D grade. However to get higher then D grade becomes a real challenge. Below I will describe how I got A grade (100 points) on my web blog application.


Uhhh... I don't think you are allowed to claim an A grade if you simply disable all the external stuff on the test page. Generally, most sites will do much better if they eliminate all the external slow stuff.

Technically you are right. However on another hand I can't optimize Google Ads, Google Analytics or Dotnetkiks (this is what I am disabling). Since I can't optimize it, why should I count it? Anyway this staff is minor and doesn't affect user experience of how fast my blog shows up. Who cares if ads shows up later, anyway they are rendered in iframe.

You are right, other web sites would do better if they eliminate external staff. This is one of my suggestions. Before you do anyt optimization, eliminate external staff that you can't optimize.

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