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How to choose between ASP.NET MVC and Web Forms

Introducing a worksheet from the upcoming book "ASP.NET MVC 1.0 Programming" to help developers make a decision to choose between MVC and Web Forms in ASP.NET.


What? Instead of linking to the book author's blog, where this chart has been posted for MONTHS already, this poster opts to reprint it on his own site (thereby giving the impression that it's his original work). Really, really LAME,

Please don't use this "scoring" chart with respect to MVC and WebForms. Honestly - you can't "score" something like "should I care about testability" (which rates an 8) against "do I need to use this Server Control" (which scores a 10).

There are so many problems with approaches like this - really the only answer is to *try it* and see if it works for you or your org.

Hi Rob,

This chart has come under a lot of scrutiny. How would you recommend I convey the same information. A try and see approach works for advanced developer, but somebody that knows nothing about MVC and probably very little about developing needs an aid of some sort. I am very willing to change this just need an idea that is simple and conveys the same message.

Hi Rob,

I am the author and I know this is very subjective and even insulting to somebody in the know. But I wanted to put an aid together for somebody who has never heard of MVC as a way for them to understand the basics between MVC and WebForms. I don't ever see this chart being used to make any kind of desision and I would probably discourage it, but I also believe that no matter how much text you have, you need some kind of easy look up to understand the main points between MVC and Web Forms. See this link for the pre-published-version:

@leedumond It seems that you haven't read the post at least for one time! This is a promotion for the book at all and I gave links to the book page at Amazon too. What are you talking about "giving the impression that it's his original work". The authors don't object and you're the representative of them? Please be quite.

@sharplife: The author did and has objected on the p2p forums, and you well know that. Plus, you have clearly violated Wrox's non-redistribution agreement by even posting this.

@leemond: I don't evaluate Nick's words as an objection; anyway I substitute the chart with a link to the original post.

This chart won't help any developer to pick web form or MVC. An advanced developer or an Architect should pick right model for their organization.

I was wondering if I could pass a Guid in as an ID, if it doesn't work out of the box, at least I know I can resort to this. For more complex types I prob rather keep the logic in the actual method not in the binding part, however thats more personal preference.

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