Silverlight 4 – How to Capture Audio and Video from a Web Cam

added by jbarnes
1/13/2010 12:00:31 PM


One of the coolest new features in Silverlight 4 is the ability to capture audio and video input from Web Cameras. With a few simple lines of code, you can request permission to your users to leverage their capture devices and then capture both the audio and video streams. So far, there have been some great examples of how to capture the video and use it as a background “brush” to paint a screen in the browser to show what the camera sees along with a few samples for enabling “snapshot” images from the webcam. But no one has actually taken it all the way to saving the captured video and audio streams locally (in isolated storage) to allow for a later file upload of the captured video segment – Until now… Check-out this post from Mike Taulty's Blog – where he shows you how to successfully save the streams to disk:


1/11/2010 12:12:09 PM
It would be nice if you and Bob participated in this community beyond just promoting a single blog's posts. That's borderline spam.

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I dropkicked this because it is blog spam and just links to an actual post with content, like almost all innov8 submissions.

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John appreciate the feedback. I think you have a point. We should spend more time here on the site and we plan to do that. Our goal with Innovation Showcase is to aggregate what we think would be of interest to architects and our goal of posting references here is to share with the community. It is our team blog and represents the output of 12 architect evangelists at Microsoft.

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All that is necessary is to post the actual link of content. Primarily your posts on the innov8 blog itself add little or no content (aka BlogSpam). Linking to innov8 from DNK only helps your blog hits, not the community.

If you would post links to the original content owners, I (and other moderators) would be more likely to kick your items on an individual basis vs. down-kicking for BlogSpam, and you would also save the community from having to click-through an extra website. DNK is already an aggregator and linking through other aggregators is inconvenient for the community.

Keep in mind that there is a great likelihood that DNK will soon have a fix for BlogSpam (most likely moderator ability to edit URLs).

The articles you ultimately link to are often good articles, it is the BlogSpam that is unwanted by the community.