Pluralsight On-Demand! New Releases

added by 81megs
1/12/2010 8:50:13 AM


Welcome to 2010! If you're like me, I'm sure you're looking forward to all of the dates that can be read as binary numbers this year (like today's 011110) :) Fortunately we have even more compelling content to share with you to start the new year, including new modules by Aaron Skonnard in his Managed Service Engine Fundamentals course. Scott Allen continues his how-to series on using IronRuby, and Matt Milner has been busy producing modules for his BizTalk 2009 course, along with a number of how-to videos on the topic. There's lot's more from authors like Eric Burke, Ian Griffiths, and David Starr as well, so be sure to visit Pluralsight On-Demand! today!