Mono: Get value of the selected RadioButton [C#,gtk#]

added by huse
2/1/2010 2:53:11 PM


FROM MONO DOCUMENTATION: @ A single radio button performs the same basic function as a k.CheckButton, as its position in the object hierarchy reflects. It is only when multiple radio buttons are grouped together that they become a different user interface component in their own right. Every radio button is a member of some group of radio buttons. When one is selected, all other radio buttons in the same group are deselected. A Gtk.RadioButton is one way of giving the user a choice from many options. Radio button widgets are created with RadioButton(string), if this is the first radio button in a group. In subsequent calls, the group you wish to add this button to should be passed as an argument. I found out that there exists not much examples about this issue so I post mine…