Setting up SVN on Windows

added by aghausman
2/6/2010 2:25:16 AM


Subversion is ultimately one of the best source control option we have in today’s world. it has very light instance running on Server and of course it is FREE. To access the Subversion repository on the client machine we have multiple options. If we want to use shell integrated UI (means we can call your source control options in our windows explorer), we can use TortoiseSVN but being a developer based on Visual Studio it always looks good to get my source control on Solution Explorer inside Visual Studio world and for that we have Visual SVN which off cost and AnkhSVN which is FREE. One time server configuration is needed on almost every server software so as with SVN. After downloading and installing SVN following configuration is needed in order to work properly. By the way, we are assuming that you download the setup from CollabNet.