Upgrading ADO.NET code by Execute SQL Statements in Entity Framework 4

added by CodeFuzion
3/30/2010 1:12:20 PM


There may be several situations in your older applications where you would want to utilize Entity Framework 4.0 to model your Data Layer and segregate your concerns of that Data Layer from your application. Entity Framework 4 is a great tool to accomplish this. However, depending on how old your Data Layer code may be, you might have some existing ADO.NET code, but don't want to have to change everything to utilize Entity Framework 4.0. Or, you simply do not understand Entity Framework 4.0 at this time, and dont have the resources to learn it all in one shot. You want to migrate in small comfortable steps, you may model one or two of your Data Tables, but you dont want to migrate all of them. Click for details ...