Using Windows Azure Drive in PHP (or Ruby)

added by maartenba
4/9/2010 12:25:07 AM


At the JumpIn Camp in Zürich this week, we are trying to get some of the more popular PHP applications running on Windows Azure. As you may know, Windows Azure has different storage options like blobs, tables, queues and drives. There’s the Windows Azure SDK for PHP for most of this, except for drives. Which is normal: drives are at the operating system level and have nothing to do with the REST calls that are used for the other storage types. By the way: I did a post on using Windows Azure Drive (or “XDrive”) a while ago if you want more info. Unfortunately, .NET code is currently the only way to create and mount these virtual hard drives from Windows Azure. But luckily, IIS7 has this integrated pipeline model which Windows Azure is also using. Among other things, this means that services provided by managed modules (written in .NET) can now be applied to all requests to the server, not just ones handled by ASP.NET! In even other words: you can have some .NET code running in the same request pipeline as the FastCGI process running PHP (or Ruby). Which made me think: it should be possible to create and mount a Windows Azure Drive in a .NET HTTP module and pass the drive letter of this thing to PHP through a server variable. And here’s how...