Custom Workflow Manager Tool

added by nitin.vital
4/9/2010 5:55:47 AM


To help assist the process of working with workflows, we created a custom desktop application that we refer to as the custom workflow management tool. You can use this application to explore and manipulate workflows on your Microsoft Dynamics CRM server. The tool is named ProgrammingWithDynamicsCrm4.WorkflowManager.exe, and you can find the source code on the book's companion Web site as detailed in the Introduction. Because this is a desktop application, we don't step through every line of code; instead, we just take a look at the methods that apply to managing workflows within Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0. Let's take a quick look at the ProgrammingWithDynamicsCrm4.WorkflowManager user interface to better understand the code samples we'll be looking at throughout the chapter. Using ProgrammingWithDynamicsCrm4.WorkflowManager