Sharp DOM is a new view engine for ASP.NET MVC platform.

added by wolf13h
4/30/2010 3:21:54 PM


Sharp DOM is a view engine for ASP.NET MVC platform allowing developers to design extendable and maintenable dynamic HTML layouts using C# 4.0 language. It is also possible to use Sharp DOM project to generate HTML layouts outisde of MVC framework; for it, internal DSL is used. Nowadays, there are a lot of Web frameworks (in PHP, Java, .NET, etc) allowing to generate HTML layout with the help of certain template engines. Indeed, sometimes, these frameworks are quite powerful and amazing. The only problem is that these template engines introduce their own external DSLs which are not native for the .NET developers. It makes the usage of such template engines a little bit difficult, not to say more. Sharp DOM project allows you to develop HTML layout as C# code using all the power of modern object-oriented C# 4.0 language. You can use features of C# 4.0 like inheritance, polymorphism, etc. In other words, designing of HTML layout can be transformed into the development of strongly typed HTML code :-)


4/30/2010 6:05:46 PM
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