Silverlight Center And Scale Behavior

added by dzak
5/2/2010 2:55:12 PM

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If you are interested in my last post about "How to center and scale Silverlight applications using ViewBox control", I just published behavior that you can use instead of making changes in code. How it works? 1. Download behavior ( ) 2. Add dll to your application <UserControl ..... xmlns:interaction="clr-namespace:System.Windows.Interactivity;assembly=System.Windows.Interactivity" xmlns:behavior="clr-namespace:CenterAncScaleBehavior;assembly=CenterAncScaleBehavior" .... > <interaction:Interaction.Behaviors> <behavior:CenterAncScaleBehavior /> </interaction:Interaction.Behaviors> <Grid > ... </Grid> </UserControl> 3. DONE! Your application is ready!