Connected Show #29 - Get LIT With Silverlight & WPF4

added by plaudati
5/9/2010 1:45:52 PM


In this episode, guest Pete Brown joins Peter to discuss the recent releases of Silverlight 4 & WPF4. Pete talks about how to “light up with COM” and do some crazy sh---tuff on your client. Mics, webcams, and sensors, oh my! WPF or Silverlight? Which one should you be looking at when deciding a client platform technology? Pete helps walk us through those decisions as well as the deltas between the two XAML-based platforms. (Interview starts at 13:34) Also on tap, guest host Dane Morgridge joins Peter to cover the latest Microsoft developer & interoperability news including: Enterprise Library 5 and new SQL Server drivers for Java & PHP. Be sure to catch up with Dane & Andrew Duthie on their Community Megaphone Podcast.