Expression Blend and Silverlight 5day OnRamp training course downloads

added by sandrino
5/26/2010 8:17:20 AM


Today Microsoft published the downloads (Visual Studio projects, Assets, ...) for the Expression Blend and Silverlight 5 day OnRamp training course. The following downloads are available: •Importing Artwork into Expression Blend •Creating vector artwork in Expression Blend •Editing the Appearance of Your Project Items using Expression Blend •Creating visual transitions with the Visual State Manager •Creating Storyboard animations in Blend •Optimizing Video for Silverlight Playback using Expression Encoder •Adding Video and Still Images to Your Silverlight Project •Adding Interactivity to Imported Art Assets •Designer Developer Workflow •Importing Native Adobe Illustrator Files •Importing Native Adobe Photoshop Assets •Organizing Your Project using Layout Containers in Expression Blend •Using a grid control •Using the stack panel control