Using ExcelPacke to create Excel sheets on server

added by gpeipman
5/30/2010 5:35:48 AM


In one of my community projects I needed to output some listings as Excel file. As installing Excel to server is non-sense that I was easily able to avoid I found simple solution for Excel 2007 files – open-source project called ExcelPackage. In this posting I will show you hot to create simple event attendees report in Excel 2007 format using ExcelPackage.


7/27/2010 9:12:38 AM
Hi ,I would like you to help me out with this scenario i have.
I need to create an excel whose one of the columns needs to restricted so that the user is able to enter only a specified amount of characters in it.
i.e. a column should take say 500 characters of word and should not allow any further characters to be written in that column.
I am using ExcelPackage.
Please reply on the same post if u can contribute to it.