Microsoft needs to innovate or go home [ASP.NET]

added by Aaronontheweb
6/21/2010 7:01:07 PM


It's a simple concept really: MVC is a wonderful addition to the Microsoft web stack, but it's not exactly "daring" - not yet anyway. By "daring" I mean "ass-kicking" in the way ASP.NET was when it was first introduced, and ASP Classic when it first came along just 4 years before that. These platforms inspired thousands of developers - ASP.NET alone was responsible for expanding the Microsoft developer base massively. Inspiring. Controversial. Wonderful and Fearless. Many have described the newer web frameworks with exactly the same adjectives: Rails, Sinatra, and Django have inspired and helped so many - and enable so much on the web. Microsoft developers tend to remain completely ignorant of what these frameworks are capable of - and it makes sense as to why.