Rough Cut Editor (RCE) and IIS Transform Manager: Best Friends

added by ejadib
7/27/2010 9:08:45 AM

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A month ago, Microsoft published the alpha version of the IIS Transform Manager. The Transform Manager provides simple integrated video encoding and batch conversion of video files to the IIS Smooth Streaming format. It does this quite nicely, as it provides an extensible platform for scheduling and running multiple tasks in sequence on an IIS server using a local task scheduler. It enables "watch folder" job submission, queuing, management, integrated media transcoding/transmuxing, and batch-encryption of on-demand audio and video files This post is result of exploring the feasibility of using the IIS Transform Manager to take an RCE Project XML file (which includes the EDL) as input, and creating the necessary task to output a new encoded video that represents the RCE edits?