Different ways of web page Redirect in Asp.Net

added by ashishsarda99
8/10/2010 6:01:47 AM


As a website developer many times we come across situation where we need to redirect pages, as there are many ways to redirect pages in asp.net and in HTML as well; one should know the difference between various web page redirect methods. In this article we will discuss various web page redirecting methods we can use in asp.net 1.Hyperlink: This is a traditional way of web page redirect which can use with HTML TAG i.e "A" tag. This is a static link on a page, which can be used as a tag with various style attributes. Also we can put data in opening and closing tag of "A". Asp.Net provides Hyper Link control, which is a class inherited from Webcontrol class. This control needs user to click explicitly on link for web page redirect. There are other 3 more methods which can be use effectively with understanding so that web page redirection in Asp.net becomes more effective.