What’s Nu in the .NET World Part 2: Creating a Gem

added by DannyDouglass
8/11/2010 7:46:13 PM


If you are not familiar with the Nu project start by reading my first post in this series that gives an introduction to getting started with this promising tool. As a quick reference I’ll post a paragraph from the last post introducing Nu: “Nu is an open source tool built by Dru Sellers (and several others) that aims at bringing Gems, one of Ruby’s most revered features, to the .NET world. If you are not familiar with Gems I suggest you take a minute to read up on them. I would venture a bet that you are already familiar with at least one gem – Ruby on Rails. The following line of code is all that is required to install the Ruby on Rails gem (after installing the Ruby library of course)…” This post is focused on sharing my experience in creating my first gem for the Spark View Engine. I would be doing you a great disservice if I did not start by saying how easy it is to create a gem. Actually easy is the wrong phrase – crazy easy is more telling. Since I would never ask you to take my word for it, it must mean it is time to show some code.