ICallback Event Handler

added by ashishsarda99
8/13/2010 3:25:31 AM


This article will explain the use of “ICALLBACKEventHandler” in asp.net 2.0. About ICallbackEventHandler: ASP.NET 2.0 introduces an interface ICallbackEventHandler (System.Web.UI.ICallbackEventHandler) to allow asynchronous communication with the server. Unlike Postback, in Callback only user defined information is sent back to the server. ICallbackEventHandler uses DoCallback event to send user defined data to server (instead of postback event), and return the String to client; on client side JavaScript manipulates the string. This interface implements two functions on server side (i.e. c# or vb) and we need to implement two functions on client side i.e. in JavaScript.(You can DOWNLOAD demo Code for Reference) Check out the Article