Practical Applications of BizTalk Server, Windows Workflow and SSIS

added by cwash
9/28/2010 2:14:01 PM


In an effort to maintain control over the proliferation of application servers and data, many organizations have undertaken projects to consolidate and integrate systems. One of the first hurdles in undertaking an integration project is determining the most efficient integration technology. Unfortunately, just within the Microsoft stack, there are technologies that consistently cause confusion and are often misused. For example, the lines are continuing to blur when comparing BizTalk Server to Windows Workflow especially now that hosting Workflows using Windows Server AppFabric can provide functionality that appears similar to BizTalk. However, there are still quite a few giveaways when you need one versus the other. Underneath most applications, we commonly find a data platform and for many organizations, their platform of choice is SQL Server. The intersection of just these 3 technologies leads many to ask the question, "if I want to integrate System A with System B, which technology should I use?" Many times there are no hard and fast rules, but with some careful thought and consideration of organization demands and technological capabilities, the fog will lift and a clear answer will emerge. This post will by no means provide the definitive answer, but I will provide a few common scenarios that might help illuminate the path.