Search a value in debug windows

added by slo2ols
9/30/2010 7:55:35 AM


Visual Studio 2010 has many windows helping in a debug process. But more of them follow an next idiom: "Say me a password and I'll tell you a secret". Above the password I mean a variable name and above the secret I mean a variable value. This is right and covered more part of cases. But sometimes you know a value instead of a place where it is. Sounds unrealistic? Maybe... Then imagine a list of more than 50 elements where each element of the object has 2 properties. A question: How quickly can you find an object knowing the value of a property and using only debug windows? And if it's not single? If you are familiar with this situation, then the post for you.


10/2/2010 10:27:21 AM
Interesting approach to using methods marked with a Conditional("DEBUG") attribute, but the grammar is hard to follow at times.