Entity Framework CTP 4.0 – Code First Approach

added by sankarsan
10/3/2010 3:20:00 PM


It has been a month or two that Entity Framework CTP 4.0 bits have released.I had read through the feature list back then but could not manage time to take a detailed look until this weekend.I always felt that Entity Framework’s approach towards handling of configuration(object relational mappings) and plain .NET objects was bit restrictive and cumbersome respectively.The mappings are needed to be stored in Entity Data Model(.edmx) files which are nothing but xml files with object to relational store mapping information.There was no proper way to express this mapping through code or attributes.But with code first approach we will able to describe our model using plain .NET objects and map it to the database objects through .NET code.In this post we will discuss the very basic steps involved in doing so.