A Better Hg Command Line Interface: Console2 + PowerShell + Posh-Hg

added by DannyDouglass
10/27/2010 6:57:56 AM

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Moving from Subversion to Mercurial was more than a change from a centralized version control system to a distributed solution. I also found myself moving away from the explorer integration provided by the Tortoise products to the command line for the execution of my hg commands. This approach is dramatically faster once you get used to the syntax, which really only takes a hot minute. Certain features in TortoiseHg still provide visual advantages that I find useful, such as the visual repository log. During an Agile.Net Bootcamp with Jimmy Bogard he showed us an collection of tools he utilizes to provide an improved Mercurial command line experience. The final product is a more descriptive prompt that displays branch information, as well as the number and types of changes made since your last commit…