How to Host your Silverlight application on Amazon S3 for Free

added by mbcrump
10/28/2010 9:44:36 AM

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In the past people could use services like the Microsoft Silverlight Streaming to host their Silverlight applications for free. This worked well in the past but it is now closed. What are the other alternatives? You can host your .XAP on Google App Engine but the process takes time and can be confusing. You could also find one of those free HTML host, but they could die tomorrow . This is where DropBox comes into play. Let me go ahead and stop and say, you probably don’t want to do this for a production app. (duh) But this is a great FREE way to demo Silverlight Applications to other people. The main reason to use DropBox is because the files are hosted using Amazon S3 and its completely free and just a matter of drag-and-drop. So, let’s get started with a sample app: