PDC 2010, Day 1: Keynotes: IE9 + HTML5

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10/29/2010 10:31:09 AM

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PDC 2010, Day 1: Keynotes: IE9 + HTML5 Here is a summary of the major issues presented by the CEO of MSFT, Steve Ballmer, and Bob Muglia in PDC 2010 keynotes. You can find the most impressive ones under www.microsoft.com/news In the image, waiting for the keynotes to start. First, some PDC statistics, according to Steve, there is approximately 30,000 live viewers of the PDC keynotes, including the local sites around the world. Around 1,000 are in Redmond. I’m one of them .Internet Explorer 9 and HT...


11/2/2010 9:53:02 PM
PDC rocks!