Why I like developers life podcast?

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11/19/2010 4:49:01 AM

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Why I like developers life podcasts? Justin Peck said: "So many times I've been sitting around a table with other developers as we regale each other with our stories, and someone says, "If we had recorded this, it would have been such a great podcast episode." Rob has done exactly that. Each week's show has several parts, all based on a central theme (just like "This American Life"), and the discussions feel so natural - like you're overhearing a fascinating lunch conversation between really interesting developers. The stories are great, the musical selections are great, and the production values are pretty darn good compared to most other .NET tech podcasts. I hope Rob finds the time to keep this up!". I like this podcast, because espessially for me Scott Hanselman making huge influence with his consultantion, his blog and his life. Developers life podcast is relly nice, because they include such a great music and people speaking in not formal atmosphere. Keep it up guys, ther you for all.