ASP.NET application to tag and identify users from Facebook, Twitter..

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12/6/2010 2:05:35 AM

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In this tutorial, we will develop an ASP.NET application to track users from Facebook, Twitter, Dzone, etc., who visit out website. Application consists of an HTTP module and a custom web server control. We can identify these users during this and subsequent visits using cookies. We can use this application to display to these users 'like', retweet and voting buttons to increase the reach of our content in social networks and bookmarking websites. The author displays live working example of this application on his website that displays Dzone voting button only to Dzone users and visitors. The code is free, fully explained and available for download.


12/6/2010 2:08:25 AM
Hi fellows, I am the author of this article. When you follow that link to read the tutorial, you will see a live demonstration of this application right there. A DotnetKicks kick counter will be shown to you because you have just been tagged and identified as a user of

I hope you will like the application. And if you do so, please don't forget to share this application with your fellow developers. And oh, ofcourse kick it please! :)