Automated database releases with TeamCity and Red Gate

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2/8/2011 1:31:20 AM

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Databases have long been the poor cousin of the application tier when it comes to many of the processes we take for granted in the .NET world. Source control management, for example, is near ubiquitous for application files and there are several excellent VCS products which make versioning a breeze. Continuous integration is another practice which although not as common, is still frequently present in a robust application lifecycle. Of course the problem is that database objects don’t exist as simple files that can be versioned, nor can you just pick them up and place them in a target location when you want to deploy them. You’ve got to consider the very nature of databases being that you’ve got real live data to deal with and the ramifications of screwing up a deployment are pretty severe. Some special tooling is in order and fortunately the planets are starting to align in such a fashion that some of my favourite products work very nicely together to serve just the purpose we’re after. Last year I wrote about Red Gate’s SQL Source Control as a very excellent way of versioning databases and followed up later in the year about automating deployments with TeamCity. Let’s take these tools – plus a few more from the Red Gate product suite – and finally make one-click database deployment a true first class citizen with its application peer.