Constructing the House of Scrum

added by smartindale
4/28/2011 7:32:32 AM


In the last few years, I have constructed or helped to construct mutiple development teams; all working in an agile development environment. My colleagues and I have hired and coached business analysts, developers, testers, artists, and designers, and we have seen first hand the growth and astounding productivity that these teams have produced. In short, my teams have outperformed the organization in every job I have ever had. EVER. Now clearly this article probably sounds like it is starting out a bit boastful, and perhaps even arrogant. Please don't get me wrong. Frankly, I get just as much wrong as I do right. But in the last few years I have learned some key lessons that have enabled me to continue to building happy, cohesive teams that outperform and beat expectations repeatedly. My intent is simply to share some of these lessons, and hopefully garner feedback from my (admittedly limited) audience so that I might continue to improve further in my craft.