Getting Started with the Silverlight 5 Beta

added by mbcrump
4/27/2011 1:05:23 PM


Intro I’m sure by now you have heard that the Silverlight 5 Beta has been released. I recently had a chance to Guest Blog for SSWUG on “Getting Started with the Silverlight 5 Beta” Now before we get started learning about it, let’s look at a few new features: What is new in the Silverlight 5 Beta? Multiple Window Support - Trusted app can create additional Windows. Ancestor RelativeSource Binding – Enables a DataTemplate to bind to a property on the control that contains it. Implicit DataTemplates – Allows you to target a data template for a specific data type. ClickCount - Enables Multi-click input on left/right mouse buttons. Binding on Style Setter – Allows binding to be used within styles. Realtime Sound (low-latency Audio) - Enables pre-loading of an audio source for precision timing of playback. (Multiple playback is ok) Variable Speed Playback (“Trick Play”) – Fast-Forward or review at variable speeds. Linked Text Containers - Text will overflow from one to the next. Custom Markup Extensions – Allow you to run custom code from XAML. XAML Binding Debugging - Setting breakpoints in XAML 3D Graphics API - accelerated visualization and rich user experiences.