Monthly News Digest @SilverlightZone - April 2011

added by kunal2383
4/30/2011 10:35:20 PM

47 Views completed it's 4th month with a huge posts on Silverlight, Windows Phone 7, XAML etc. This month was the best month for those technologies. During the MIX11 event in this month Microsoft released it's first beta of Silverlight 5. They also released the Async CTP for Silverlight and WP7 and many more. In this post I am going to share the best picks of the month as well as top links of the week. In this month top visited post was from Michael Crump where he demonstrated creating his own website using Silverlight. In this week the post from Abhishek Baxi received a huge hit where he listed out all Windows Phone developer resources. He called it as "Mother of all Lists". Read out the whole post to find out the top links of the month and the week.