Game Changing Features in the Silverlight 5 Beta (Part 1)

added by mbcrump
5/6/2011 4:51:59 PM


Introduction Now that the MIX 11 conference is over and we have heard the news of the Silverlight 5 Beta being released, it’s time to explore some of the new features. If you followed my previous tutorial, then you should be ready to get started. In this piece, I am going to provide information about one of the most important and game-changing features in the Silverlight 5 Beta. - XAML Debugging. In my opinion, this is one of the most important features in the Silverlight 5 beta. In a future article, I will investigate “Multiple Windows Support” in a trusted Silverlight 5 application. The full source code for XAML Debugging project is available as a separate download at the end of this article.