GameDev News - March 22, 2019

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3/25/2019 5:39:19 PM


Dev/Tools/Tech Unity The Heretic, Megacity release, real-time ray tracing, and more news from GDC 2019 Unity 2018.3.9 / 2017.4.24 Unity 2019.1.0b8 Unity 2019.2.0a9 Isometric 2D Environments with Tilemap Announcing Unity and Havok Physics for DOTS Unity Support for Stadia: Here's what you need to know Unreal Unreal Engine 4.22 Preview 6 Epic Games launches Epic MegaGrants, new Unreal Engine technology, and Epic Online Services at GDC 2019 Epic's free Online Services launch for all game developers Unreal Engine support for Google Stadia now available Quixel demonstrates stunning photorealism using Unreal Engine and Megascans at GDC 'Troll' showcases Unreal Engine 4.