Build business apps in .NET—not HTML or JavaScript

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11/11/2011 9:20:28 PM

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WPF is dead. Silverlight is dead. You should be moving to HTML/JS already. Hold on a second! A great argument for .Net.


11/11/2011 9:24:04 PM
Good post. Thanks for the submission.

In my opinion, even Silverlight is not dead. Silverlight is good for LOB applications. Till the number of HTML 5 developers reaches a critical mass, and till HTML5 is fully cross-browser compatible, and till previous versions of IE is shelfed out, Metro apps written in HTML 5 will not make much sense.

If I write a metroapp in WPF/XAML, can it run on Android based tablets? Are there any cross platform plugins available?

11/14/2011 9:10:37 AM
As someone who will be involved in making the decision to create the next version of our software as a web application, what's making the biggest impact on my opinion so far is long-term support. Our products have lifetimes measured in several years. Our current development framework and platform have been in use for over 10 years. If we were to switch to .Net for our next platform would that still be the case? If we switch to a web based product will it be easier to cope with changes in the development ecosystem?
These are the questions that Microsoft needs to answer before we decide whether to invest fully in .Net, or a hybrid approach.