The bell tolls for Flash, and Silverlight isn't far behind

added by JudahGabriel
11/14/2011 9:25:41 AM

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Flash and Silverlight developers: now is the time to reinvest your skills in another platform. The Great Browser Plugin War of the 21st century has come to a close, and the plugins have lost. Long live HTML5.


11/14/2011 1:12:07 PM
I'm curious to hear what Silverlight devs think of this. As a long time SL developer myself, it took a lot of pain coming to the realization that Silverlight-on-the-web is dead. But now that the evidence is clear, I hope SL devs will move their skills to other platforms. Win8 Metro is a natural choice, with it being a XAML+.NET framework subset, just like Silverlight was.

11/20/2011 5:29:49 AM
Nice post. It is hard to believe Windows 8 will do away with Silverlight and run Silverlight based LOB applications to run on legacy browsers.