Compiling F# to JavaScript with Pit

added by Noldorin
11/22/2011 9:03:35 AM

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Phil Trelford introduces the Pit F# to JavaScript compiler: an ideal tool for those who like functional programming / .NET or have seen the wonders of CoffeeScript and are looking to the future of client-side web programming.


11/21/2011 9:29:12 PM
I've spoken to the project developer (Fahad) about this a little, not to mention heard some quite positive reviews on the ##fsharp channel on FreeNode. This really looks like a great library, and I look forward to seeing where it's going. Would be cool to see how it compares to Script# (the C# equivalent) at present.

11/22/2011 9:03:05 AM
It seems interesting, it's sort of the opposite approach to solving the same problem that Node tries to solve, using one language to develop both ends of an application. I wonder how performance differs between the javascript and native F# code?

11/24/2011 6:21:16 PM
Performance is going to be a problem at first, but from what I've seen it's already not that bad. Most developers should (and do I think) care more about how straightforward/idiomatic it is to create functionality, rather than raw efficiency. Node.js is an abomination in my view because it promotes the use of JS and all its associated bad practices *everywhere*... but yeah, I've already had my rants about that heh.