Easy URL rewriting in ASP.NET 4.0 web forms

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12/12/2011 12:25:35 AM

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n this post I am going to explain URL rewriting in greater details. This post will contain basic of URL rewriting and will explain how we can do URL rewriting in fewer lines of code. Why we need URL rewriting? Let’s consider a simpler scenario we want to display a customer details on a ASP.NET Page so how our page will know that for which customer we need to display details? The simplest way of doing is to use query string we will pass a customer id which uniquely identifies customer in query string. So our url will look like this. Customer.aspx?Id=1 This will work but the problem with above URL is that its not user friendly and search engine friendly. who is going to remember that what query string parameter I am going to pass and why we need that parameter. Also when search engine will crawl this site it will going to read this URL blindly as this url is not informative because it query string is not readable for search engine crawlers. So your search engine will be ranked lower as this URL is not readable to search engine crawlers.Now when do a URL rewriting our URL will be cleaner shorter and simpler like this. Customers/Id/1/ Here anybody in world can understand it talking about customer and this page will used to show customer details.Even search engine crawler will also know that you are talking about customers. That is why we need URL rewriting.