Is it faster?

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12/11/2011 10:02:33 PM

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Is it faster?Is it faster? does the .NET 4.5 really run faster than 4? this post will summaries TPL Performance Improvements in .NET 4.5. the TPL team has put lot of effort to dramatically improve the overall performance of .NET 4.5. the improvement was achieve both by execution and memory allocation optimization. in result .NET 4.5 parallelism is faster and more GC friendly. allocation optimization does improve the overall execution speedup, because GC collection does have significantly impact o...


12/12/2011 9:03:45 AM
No code? Some examples to help the reader follow along would be nice ;-)

12/12/2011 10:07:45 AM
you can go to the link at the end of the post
it is the original post with both source and more information