ASP.NET MVC 4 What's New: Task Support for Asynchronous Controllers

added by pwhe23
12/21/2011 11:09:21 AM

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The feature I'm going to be focusing on today is task support for asynchronous controllers. Developing asynchronous controllers has been available since MVC 3, but for this to work you had to write a bunch of extra code – what I like to refer to as "code noise" – to get it to work. Not any more.


12/21/2011 11:11:01 AM
SO MUCH CLEANER. I think MVC 4 will be a good time to finally get my hands dirty with it. Up until now I've only had the opportunity to mess with a few toy sites, not really dig in and make something real.

12/27/2011 6:00:05 AM
MVC4 has mobile project templates. MVC has good support for HTML5. Mobile project templates is a good feature in MVC4.