Mono in 2011

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12/22/2011 8:28:36 AM

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Mono in 2011 This was a very interesting year for Mono, and I wanted to capture some of the major milestones and news from the project as well as sharing a bit of what is coming up for Mono in 2012.


12/22/2011 8:29:27 AM
I'm glad to see Mono doing so well, it seems it now really has a future ahead of it (whereas under Novell that future was uncertain). I'm very impressed by the native client support, the demos look so smooth.

12/22/2011 11:51:51 AM
As Xamarin is a private company and is concentrating only on one topic it has no other option but to produce a high quality product.

12/23/2011 9:36:45 PM
Mono on Android and iOS is a good development. This will help C# developers work on both the Android and iOS platforms.