A guide to NHibernate's mapping-by-code

added by notherdev
2/15/2012 3:15:56 PM


Six weeks ago, when I started my experiments with NHibernate's 3.2 new mapping feature - mapping-by-code, I was a loyal Fluent NHibernate user and a fan of method chains in APIs. My first impression about mapping-by-code was that it seems to be a good direction, but it's still immature and - what's important - not documented at all. I decided to have a deeper look and it turned into a tvelwe-part series exploring all the possible mappings - probably the only complete guide to mapping-by-code on the web so far.


2/15/2012 3:17:59 PM
The new mapping by code feature looks nice. I used FNH in the past, but if I use NH on a project again I'll probably use this.