Suddenly Microsoft is the Hippest Tech Company Around

added by pwhe23
3/30/2012 8:03:28 AM

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While Apple and Google are busy getting bad press for their privacy issues, labor practices and general big-evil-company wrongdoings, Microsoft has done some brand regeneration, making it look like the hippest tech company on the block these days.


3/30/2012 1:54:42 PM
I'm not buying it Paul. Could I just get a list of all of the hot startups in the last 10 years that were built on a MSFT platform? Do you use IE? Pretty much the folks we surveyed at DNK would rather type with their elbows than stop using Chrome or Firefox.

3/30/2012 3:33:51 PM
I didn't say I *agreed* with it, just though it was interesting someone was willing to put that into print :)

3/30/2012 3:45:54 PM
So to me it almost looks like a sponsored article. It's so inherently one sided it seems like a PR firm convincing a writer to write this and submit it. It's not journalism at it's finest.

4/2/2012 3:35:39 PM
I'd have to agree, not a very well written article at all. I am not a Mozilla or Chrome fanboy by any means but to really say IE is grabbing a new reputation isn't quite valid yet.